This is an unusual and crazy story to believe! A man escaped death thanks to his iPhone as a shield!

Indeed, this story will remain forever engraved in the mind of this man. Whose iPhone saved his life. But the craziest thing is that a lost arrow is part of this story. So an Australian owes his life to his smartphone.

Many are the stories of people saved at the last moment thanks to an iPhone emergency call. Or the electrocardiogram feature of Apple’s smartwatch!

However, in this story, it was the iPhone itself that saved its owner. A story worthy of a movie, involving an arrow stuck in a phone. This man will remember this troubling moment for life and the reason for his survival!


But fortunately no injury for the man in question, just a small chin injury due to the recoil from the arrow’s impact. However, it could have been much worse, and resulted in his death. So he can consider himself lucky!

So the whole story of the glorious iPhone saving a man happened in Australia at Nimbin. A 43-year-old man explained everything to the police! So, when he arrived at his home, he noticed a man near his house.


So he decided to take a picture of him to identify what he was holding in his hand. And then the stranger shot an arrow at him, it was an arrow bow! In fact, the arrow pierced the iPhone.

But fear not, the dreadful character was identified and arrested. And will be judged in a few weeks for intending to commit a criminal act! The reasons for the act are still unknown…



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