The oven is a household appliance that gets dirty particularly quickly: grease residues, food scraps or bad smells… It is difficult to clean, especially when it is dirty  So We offers you several methods for cleaning your oven

As with all other appliances, you should think about cleaning your oven regularly. Some people don’t know how to do it, but it’s less difficult than they imagine. Some oven models clean themselves, and if not, there are simple cleaning methods, which we will describe in this article.

Pyrolysis or catalysis furnaces
Pyrolysis or catalytic furnaces have their own cleaning process.

In this case, the appliance itself has a programmed function to turn the remains of food or oil into ashes. All you have to do is activate the self-cleaning function. Then wait until the oven cools down and wipe the ashes off with a dry cloth.
Conventional ovens
Conventional ovens are generally more laborious to clean and require more regular maintenance, if possible every time they are used, to prevent the dirt from getting clogged. Cleaning methods are manual for these ovens.


Preparing to clean the oven
Before starting to clean the oven, certain preparation steps are necessary:

  • Wait for the oven to cool down
  • Unplug the furnace from the electrical outlet if it is electric, or turn off the gas if necessary.
  • Remove any residue that may be trapped inside the oven with a brush and a little white vinegar.
  • Wear protective items (goggles and gloves)
  • Ventilate the room
  • Remove the grids and trays to wash them separately.
    Cleaning steps
    Next, prepare a cleaning solution for the interior. This can be a special oven cleaner, which you can find commercially, or a mixture of baking soda and water, for a more natural and less polluting method.

You can spread this solution in the oven with a sponge or place it in a spray bottle. After applying the product to all sides of the oven, wait about an hour for it to take effect.

Then it is time to remove any residue that should have come off. Use a spatula or a brush to do this. Finally, wipe with a cloth moistened with an equal proportion of white vinegar and water. This will give the final shine to the inside of your oven. This step is also used to clean the oven door.


Cleaning racks and trays
Grids and trays can be washed with water and a common detergent. If the dirt is too sticky, hot water may help. Put the detergent on a sponge and scrub the grates. You can use the green part of the sponge, as the grates are usually not made of non-stick material.

Finally, leave the soap to work for a few minutes and then rinse under running water, preferably warm or hot water, to ensure that the grease is removed.

Care and maintenance of the oven
Some daily (or weekly) routines help keep the oven clean, and make cleaning much easier, and may even be spaced out over time.

To avoid overruns when baking, choose a dish that is larger than the size of your pie or cake. Also, be sure to sponge the pie in white vinegar once a week to prevent dirt from sticking to it.



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