Baking soda comes in the form of a white powder and has many applications in the kitchen, maintenance and garden. It is biodegradable, edible and economical, making it an indispensable product for your home. So what are the different uses of baking soda?
Baking soda is an alkaline (high pH) substance that is generally used to neutralize acidic elements.

Acids have a lower pH (between 1 and 5) while bases (or alkaline substances) have a higher pH (between 9 and 14). When a medium is very acidic, bases are used to reduce the pH to around 7, one of which is baking soda.

What are the applications for baking soda?
Whether it is for the kitchen, the house, your garden or for cosmetics, the usefulness of baking soda is multiple.

Baking soda for your kitchen
Baking soda is used as a yeast in the preparation of cakes, breads and cookies. Dough growth occurs as a result of the release of carbon dioxide caused by the decomposition of the bicarbonate.

In your kitchen, baking soda is a great way to make your toughest jobs go away. It gets rid of stubborn odours and grease left on your pots and pans, and even makes silverware shine.


Simply put a little powder on a damp sponge with detergent and rub it over the area to be treated. If the stain persists, mix the baking soda with hot water and cover the pan or baking dish, then leave for 10 minutes. After cooling, wash the dish with the detergent and baking soda mixture.

Baking soda for your home
Baking soda is an excellent household ally. You can use it to clean your bathtubs, tiles and other surfaces. To do this, sprinkle some on a slightly damp, clean sponge. Scrub and rinse thoroughly. For a thorough cleaning, scrape with a paste made of baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water.

You can also use baking soda to unclog your sink. It will remove excess grease and food scraps from the drains. To do this, place a mixture of 200 ml of white vinegar, water and baking soda directly into the sink. You can do this once a month as part of the maintenance of your sink.


Finally, the baking soda also neutralizes the odours of cold tobacco or perspiration in clothing. For example, you can sprinkle bicarbonate on the bottom of your ashtray or your sports shoes.

Baking soda for your gardenBaking soda helps keep your flowers alive longer, especially roses. To do this, mix it with a tablespoon of ammonia and water your flowers. You’ll be surprised at how fast the results will come out!

It also keeps ants away. Mix equal parts salt and baking soda and sprinkle on the spot where the insects come from.

Holding compost at home can sometimes create unpleasant odours. To combat them, simply sprinkle baking soda around the compost. This will neutralize the odours thanks to its absorbent properties.

You can also use baking soda as a herbicide. Simply put some in the grooves in the cement where weeds usually grow and repeat until the weeds disappear.

Baking Soda for Cosmetics
We have seen that baking soda has the property of reducing odours, so it can be used in the manufacture of deodorant. You can simply place some under your armpits after showering.

It is also found in toothpaste. In fact, to avoid acidity, which promotes the formation of cavities, some toothpastes contain a basic phase, such as sodium bicarbonate.



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